Module 3


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M3: Homework/Reflections

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See you in Module 4!

Backbends, Seated, and Supine Poses

In the videos below, learn modifications for prone backbends, bridge, and upward-facing dog.

Prone backbends – sphinx, cobra, locust

Download Video


Download Video

Bow pose

Download Video

Upward-facing dog

Download Video

In the videos below, learn modifications for common seated and supine poses including savasana.

Janu sirsasana & wide legged forward fold




Seated twist


Seated forward fold


Happy baby




M3L1 Creating a Yoga For All Class, Part 1: Getting set up for success

Module 3 provides you with the practical tools and strategies you will need as you prepare to take your role as a truly inclusive yoga teacher. In this module, we will explore the common challenges for students in larger bodies and will discuss safe ways to approach modifications and progressive accommodations. By the end of this module, you will have the practical tools and confidence required for teaching to who is in the room.


M3L5 Take Action

It’s time to take action!