Get a 1 Year Extension

Hey [wlm_firstname],

Sometimes life gets away from us and despite our best intentions, we miss deadlines and our goals.

We understand.

In the past we have given extensions on request.

Unfortunately, we found that giving extensions out on request didn’t serve the students well.

So we have come up with a compromise. In order to get a one-year extension, you can pay a one-time extension fee of $95


You can host a charity yoga class and donate the funds (at least $95) to your favorite charity. You must tag us in the facebook event (or send us an invitation). Then send us an email with the details of your even after it’s finished. We’ll even tag you in social media and post about all the wonderful things you are doing.

Now that the world has been hit by Covid, we understand that neither of those options may be possible for you. If this is you, use the Contact Us tab in the menu to send us a message.