Module 1

Yoga and body image

In this lesson, you’re invited to explore the link between body image and the yoga practice, as we gain an in-depth understanding of the role of the teacher in shaping consciousness.

This module will introduce you to basic strategies for cultivating body positivity in your yoga classes as well as in your interactions with students both on and off the mat.

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Additional Videos

The origin of fatphobia

How the ideal male body has changed inthe last 150 years.

The ideal body type through history

Sex assigned at birth and gender identity. What’s the difference?

Trans Body Positivity

Why Gender Pronouns Matter

Body Dysmporphia and Social Media

M1: Homework/Reflections

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Please note: Feedback for all homework/reflections will be given at the end of module 4. After the completion of all four modules, please send an email to with the subject line all modules completed to receive your certification and feedback

See you in Module 2!


In this video, you’ll learn warm-ups in seated, hands & knees, standing and supine positions.

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Using Body Positive Language To Empower Students

Part 2 of Module 1 invites you to take a deeper look at the fundamentals of teaching Yoga For All classes. In this module, you will learn the basic structure of Yoga For All classes, as well as the fundamental requirements for creating a safe place where students can practice compassionate self-study. Together we will explore the power of language, avoiding triggers, and steps and strategies involved in creating a truly progressive yoga practice.

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