Module 4

M4: Homework

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  2. Remember, if you have any questions, post them to the Facebook group. Each Friday, we will make a video answering the questions from that week, and post it to Facebook and this site.
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You made it! Congratulations! After you completed module 4  final exam you are ready to receive feedback and your certification. Please send an email  with the subject line -all modules completed to to received your certification of completion and the feedback for your modules. 

Chair Flows

If your students have trouble standing, or you just want to mix things up, chairs are a wonderful, accessible way to bring yoga to them. Here are two chair flows Dianne put together to demonstrate all the ways to use chairs in your classes.

Chair Flow 1

Download Video

Chair Flow 2

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Transitions from one pose to another can be problematic for folks in larger bodies. In the videos below, we’ll explore transitions.

Transitions during sun salutations and between standing poses

Download Video

Stepping forward and back from different positions (hands & knees, down dog)

Download Video

Downward-facing dog at the wall, on blocks, and transitions with down dog

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