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Share Your Kind Words

Hello, Yoga for all students and graduates!

We are about to launch another session of the Yoga for All Training and we would love to feature some of your feelings and experiences about the course on our website and social media.

We would be ever so grateful if you could fill out the form below, so people interested in the course can hear from you!

With gratitude,

Dianne and Amber

How would you describe the Yoga for All Training?
How has the Yoga for All Training changed your practice and/or your teaching?
What was your biggest "A-Ha" moment in the course?
If you had a friend that was thinking of taking this training, what would you tell them?

Experiences & Reflections from Our Yoga For All Graduates

Greta Kroeber

I’ve learned through Yoga For All how to plan a class sequence that encourages students to take poses at their own pace, and to listen to their needs. Instead of directing people into the ‘full pose,’ I will start at Bus Stop 1 as the full pose. For example, Tree with your foot on the ground as a kickstand *is* Tree. Period. Then, if students want to, we can perhaps work on going further through more Bus Stops (maybe balance for a moment, maybe put that foot on your lower leg, etc). These lessons have been life changing!

Beth Barrineau Ward

The first module has left me with lots of thoughts. I pride myself on being a positive difference maker, compassionate nonjudgmental helper but yet I judge my belly, thighs and buttocks. I therefore judge other bodies too. I liked so many things about the first lessons…. a self compassion study, all bodies are capable of health and wellness. Leave them in their greatness. Lots of thoughts last night and still here this morning. Thanks love my expansion ?

Kellie Tucker Caswel

Wow! All I can say is wow and I’m inspired. Lesson one module one was like hearing things I may have already heard but for the first time. You ladies teach from your hearts and your passion comes out through your words. This class will most definitely help me be a better me but also a better teacher to everyone. I’m inspired!! Thank you!!!

Tina Strieg

I remember when I first came to the mat, my struggles were real, my body got in my way, my breath was non existent. Fear almost made me quit. So when I became a teacher, I vowed to ensure this never happened in my classes. I want everyone to feel as though they are welcome to come as they are, and I’d be with them every step of the way. Learning about languaging my classes has been more difficult than I had expected, but the more I practice the more natural it becomes, so thank you for that. I have also learned as I put some of these practices into play, that you can’t always please everyone. Not all students will appreciate your style and that’s ok. Just staying true to myself, listening to my students needs, being there for them, addressing their needs and supporting them in anyway I can has been the defining moment for me as a teacher.

Rachel Holdgrafer

Worth the investment Easy to work into my schedule Approachable and fun.

I've made peace with using props in my practice and I'm singing their praises to my yogi friends and students! Using props without feeling like a failure has changed my practice in many positive ways and has made yoga that much better for me as a practitioner. Props for everyone!!

Watching Dianne and Amber in their videos has been life changing for me. I've not had a teacher in a larger body before. I've always felt out of place as the largest person on most of my classes. This class reaffirmed my ability to teach and practice yoga in -my- larger body and has ignited a fire in me to be the yoga teacher I never had for people in my area who are living in larger or otherwise marginalized bodies.

Do it. Yoga For All is a necessary addition to what you've already learned in YTT. Dianne and Amber will help you bridge the gap between teaching the bodies you see in yoga manuals and the media (and probably in your YTT program), to teaching the varied bodies that can--and will!--show up in your classes. You'll learn how to modify classical poses to make them accessible to larger and differently abled bodies, but more importantly, you'll learn how the words you say matter most of all. I highly recommended the training to anyone who wants to teach authentic, individualized yoga. Worth every penny of my investment and I'm a better teacher for having taken the course.

Kristen McCutcheon

Oh! Emm! Geee! Just finished listening to M1L1. I have the biggest case of the feels right now! I will have to listen again and again!

Desiree Odom

I finished listening to session #1. I really enjoyed your style of teaching very easy on the ears and easy to follow.
There are so many jewels in this program. I know my level of teaching after this 5 weeks is going to be at 150 %!! They say when the student is ready the teacher will show…..

Shawnee Randolph

Thank you both so much for this training. I think I said it before, but in the past two or so months since marketing myself as a body positive teacher, putting myself (pictures) out there on social media, and writing about body positivity on my blog, I have gained six new clients and have other potential clients “stalking” my facebook page. Not only has it helped me find my niche as a yoga teacher, but it has done so much for my self esteem. And, it is catching! I even inspired a 50-year-old client, who has struggled with body image issues, to wear a bikini to the beach! It blessed my heart like you would not even believe…

…You two are very inspiring and I’m so grateful to have stumbled across you and Yoga for All. I am so stoked to offer a Yoga for All class late this summer or early Fall!

Elizabeth Sosne

I LOVE the “Mat is where I have a cease-fire zone with my body.” When I am assisting there is always someone who is apologizing for their body not doing exactly what they think it should be doing. I offer to them that their mat is their traveling home and that they should do exactly what feels right to them just as they would in their own living room. It’s a good thing to remind myself as well. Great lesson today. Thank you!

Melissa Hite

I got my Certificate last week! I didn’t check in here immediately to say that I still learn something new every single time I watch, because I was finalizing details for my first retreat. I hadn’t had the courage to book it before, but I know I am informed and ready and can teach any body that wants to join me. Thanks Dianne and Amber for this amazing work. Beyond grateful!

Valeria Tegoletto

It is just perfect: explanations are really clear and Dianne and Amber encourage a supportive environment for learning and make questions.

I became proud to support diversity. Before the training, I didn't have any idea that what I was feeling was just perfect to support the Yoga for All idea.

The "bus-stop" explanation was my A-HA moment. And I notice that every time I use it during my lessons it become the A-HA moment for someone else.

"If you believe that doing Yoga isn't just for those that crumple themselves up on a rock at the sunset, but it's a practice that could be useful for everyBODY (every ages, every sizes, every abilities), this is the training for you!"

Michelle Lewis

This is a thoughtful & enlightened training program that truly makes the practice of Yoga accessible to All.

Yoga For All is truly just that: For All. Not just certain or specific body types, but for any and all seekers. So beautiful.

By showing how to safely modify asanas for MY body, I finally feel AT HOME in my body instead of at war with it.

I would absolutely encourage my friends to take this training. It's worth every penny!

Karen Felix

For an online program this training was pleasantly interactive with so many resources and practical tips.

Since taking the training, very yogi in my class now touches the props so they become integrated into the flow and are not seen as a beginner option, or cheat.

My biggest "A-Ha" moment in course was realizing Yogi should be accessible to all and not seen as an exclusive club.

This course will help you understand how to work with all body types in a way that promotes inclusivity and not single out any one student. The videos and tools provided are invaluable!

Erin Dolan

The Yoga for All Training not only changed the way I teach but changed my own practice as well! It teaches you how to adapt any pose for any body and takes you back to the true roots of yoga.

The YFA course changed the way I see my own practice, recognizing that so many of the trainings I took in the 90's were based on fitness and athleticism and not true yoga. I approach my mat with far more compassion and gratitude for my body every day. As a teacher, I feel so much more confident offering adaptations for whoever shows up in my classes.

DO IT!! This course will allow you to offer yoga to a much wider group of people with confidence. It may just change the way you look at your own body and practice too.

Christal Rabalais

What I wanted from Yoga For All training was to become a more well rounded teacher. In five weeks, I gained far more than I had anticipated. I learned methods about modifications and sequencing. Not just by reading and watching videos but by Amber & Dianne encouraging exploration within my own practice to discover modifications and sequencing that I can create. Teaching me to teach in a compassionate, open and tolerant way. This training is invaluable and I would encourage others to participate in future Yoga For All training.

Stacy Oliver

Jai, Jai, Jai Ma! Your enthusiasm is infectious….even though I started this extremely psyched, I appreciate the time you took to craft a “portable” version of “keys to success” which supports and furthers the written version. As a teacher of teachers I am in awe of your ability and experience in anticipating areas of nurturing need in your participants. You go so much further than merely creating and holding a safe and inviting learning environment. It’s only day 1 and I’ve already learned so much….on a wide variety of unanticipated topics. Wow! Sorry to go all fangirl. Ha!”

Barb Hamel

I just finished the first video, have 7 pages of notes, and am completely blown away by the abundance of wisdom Dianne and Amber have offered in just this first video! I’m feeling so grateful, and hopeful about the impact my teaching can make. Thank you!

Ashley Looker

I have so many bigger bodied clients come to be and tell me they can’t do yoga and I always say ‘yes you can!’ and now I can really SHOW THEM!!! Do you have an idea what a blessing that is?! These modifications have been really amazing to learn for my own practice because I struggle with tender, tight joints. Sometimes it feels like I will never be able to get into certain poses and it kind of makes me sad. But now I know so many more modifications to help me baby step to get me there! So this training has not only helped me understand what it’s like doing yoga in a bigger body, but I can use these with people who have certain injuries (like my dad). His knees aren’t the best and now I know ways of getting around his excuses for not wanting to do yoga because of his knees! ? Words cannot describe how grateful I am. I feel like this training really helped me fill in the gaps where I was not feeling as confident in my teaching with modifications. I no longer have to feel nervous when a bigger bodied woman walks into my class or someone who has an injury. Thank you, thank you!!!

Lisa Parks

Wow! I had tears a few times as I listened to and felt the intention behind the words in the first lesson. I’m pretty selective with the teachers I choose and thought I was being careful in deciding which classes to attend. It seems I was just donning an invisibility cloak of denial and defense against the unspoken (and sometimes spoken) expectations and judgement. I didn’t realize the slow-moving and cumulative toll they were taking on my power and self-worth. Thank you for this training! I can’t wait to be a different kind of teacher and share this gift of inclusive yoga.

Andrea Fischer

The Yoga For All teacher training was a great way for me as an instructor to learn about sequencing inclusive yoga classes. It brought to my attention ways I could use props and modifications to help support students. Dianne and Amber were active on the forums and around to answer questions. The live Q and A session at the end of the training was valuable and a nice way to wrap everything up. I highly recommend this course to teachers who want to further their training and teach to a wider community.

Lori Cartwright

So helpful with more useful content than I imagined there would be. Thorough, thought provoking, and so practical. And LOVE both Diane and Amber!

I am so much more kind to myself in my own practice, have been encouraged by the training and now practice more regularly. I am also very much more aware of differences in abilities and prepared to assist and guide others in a compassionate and helpful and empowering way. And I am only on week 4 of the training!

For me, the first "aha" moment (there have been many) was around the thought of consent and physically assisting. Love the discussion on that.

Do it! You will be thankful & be a better teacher and person for it!

Kim Makin

I am so excited! I can’t tell you how relieved I am. I always doubt myself as a teacher even though my students love my classes.
Thank you so much again for this amazing training and experience! I absolutely love listening to your ideas and advice!
I am grinning from ear to ear!! Love to you and Amber!!
Be blessed,

Tiffany Landry

This course has been a game changer for me and it has really helped me make my yoga classes very body positive and accepting for all yogis. Just a couple of days after getting your e-mail I was teaching a class and a student was having a really hard time getting into downward dog and it was great because I was able to give her all of these great variations. So instead of leaving class with a feeling of “I can’t”, she left with a sense of empowerment and with lots of great variations of Downward Dog.

Thank you again for the wonderful work you did and for this course, I am truly grateful.

Thank you so much,


Judy Raddue

This has been an incredible experience. Yes, the material is great, but an even more incredible thing happened over the course of these studies. In some glorious, magical way, it manifested an internal shift where I own that I am a yoga teacher. Since then, I’ve picked up teaching hours and confidence.

Kathryn Ashworth

Hi my name is Kathryn. I’ve known far too many people who didn’t come to yoga because they felt they were unworthy of the practice for one reason or another. I’m grateful for this training. I’m so excited about it. Thank you Dianne Bondy andAmber Karnes for the opportunity to explore making yoga more and more diverse/accepting/loving/compassionate/aware/awesome.

Martha Gurvich

I have a student who had a stroke. She feels disabled, has trouble with proprioception as well as tightness and imbalance in her body. While some of those things will always be challenges she has come to enjoy working with them instead of feeling discouraged. Her trainer tells her what ever her yoga teacher is telling her, keep doing that because she is stronger all the time… I really appreciate Dianne’s ability to articulate the concept that yoga is for everyone.

Reidy Brown

Thanks, Amber and Dianne! I have been spending the afternoon reworking a class from my teacher training notes to teach King Pigeon. This morning I was at yoga and told my teacher (who taught my YTT) “hey, today I’m making a plan to teach King Pigeon in chair yoga!” She didn’t believe me until I ran her through it in under a minute of explanation. “No, see, it’s not about what the pose looks like, it’s which muscles you’re activating! You can totally activate all the right muscles in a chair!” (If you can’t tell, I’m having lots of fun!)

Kristin Frank

I am 16 minutes into module 1, and have 4 pages of notes!! I feel like I am only now emerging l and seeing clearly. I have had a lot of these thoughts before, struggling with a positive body image myself. But Dianne, the way you communicate them brings new life and consciousness to Self. If I retain even the 7% that you mention, I will be a changed teacher…and person. I struggle so much with compassion for Self and accepting my limitations.

JoAnne Kazis

Sooooo last night a subbed a gentle restorative yoga class at a studio where I taught a tween/teen series. For the past several months I’ve been having chronic pain in my knees & foot which have taken a toll on me physically, emotionally, mentally etc. So I sat in my car before the class trying to get in a good frame of mind & ground myself in positivity for the students who will be sitting in class in front of me….I used the “prayer for my class” that Amber shared ???. Was perfect & then as I was checking people in & greeting them, there was a woman who was brand new to the studio & in a bigger body, and was visibly nervous about being there…asked me “Are you the teacher?” & when I answered that I was, her whole demeanor changed & she said “Yes!!!!” ? I guess no matter what we’re feeling, we are responsible for what energy we bring into a space, because it has an impact! Have a great day everyone ?

Tifini Floyd

Thank you for a great class! This is my first on-line training, and I thought it went great! You have certainly set the standard very high for organization, information, and fun with web based courses.

Jodi Lebrun

The training was amazing! It was in depth, humorous, organized and it opened my eyes to a whole different world of yoga. I now have the tools and the resources to branch out and offer body positive classes and workshops in a way that I never could've imagined before this training.

I am definitely less critical of my own practice and what I now know constitutes a yoga practice. Not all yoga happens on the mat - having a deeper practice actually involves bringing yoga with me everywhere I go. My teaching will now be more inclusive and accessible to those yogis who don't fit in the 'traditional' yogi mold. It's very exciting to be able to think outside the box moving forward - teaching classes and workshops that inspire and enable vs. just focusing on the fitness side of yoga.

By far, the vast amount of modifications and ways to use props. I knew they were out there (modifications) and that they (props) were helpful in some situations but not to the extent that this course taught. Having this knowledge alone will allow me to teach with confidence and reach many different types of yogis.

I would highly recommend it - great price, tons of resources, bonuses and knowledge freely given.

Victoria Lynn

Finished Week 1!!! Great FAQ!! I tend to have a lot of students with wrist issues so I appreciated the confirmation that I am helping in a compassionate way with props. I frequently say these(props) are tools NOT crutches.
BUT I LOVE the idea of asking the whole class to use the blocks in a flow just to feel it differently. I love to slow down too. Sometimes we get to the point of trying to be so creative that we forget we can Use a slow Sun Salutation based class sequence. I get great feedback when we do this. Thank you.

Gabriella Dahalia

One of my students had a breakthrough. She came to class and I shared a new version of Sun Salutations that was taught in one of the first modules She started crying with joy because it was completely accessible to her, she was so grateful to have completed a full sun salutation. This course has changed me, the manner in which I teach and the breadth of what I do and how many I can share the benefit and joys of yoga with!!! I’m overwhelmed with the amazing group of yogis who shared their journey, and Dianne and Amber, kept it real, kept it amazing and also shared the most amazing knowledge for us to share!!!

April Borne

I have two registered classes, two retreats, and demand for our plus size classes has doubled in the last 2 1/2 years! Many of my students have amazing things happening; from getting up off the ground to blood pressure improvements. I love the no body shaming movement!

Emily Wells

…this course has already profoundly changed my teaching and my life! It’s such a relief to be able to encourage my yoga students to love and express themselves exactly as they are! And, as I facilitate their capacity for self-love and self-acceptance, I feel more loving and accepting of myself. Thank you all so much for making this possible!

Valerie Hesslink

I had a student struggling with flow classes, by the end of one private class, she had an adapted sun salutation with no wrist pain or pain in her hip joint…she tells me every week now how that changed her life!

One of my biggest rewards of this training is feeling part of a community! Dianne and Amber are an incredible support system and make themselves available for any questions/challenges that I had come up. That means so much to me. Also the facebook group is a lovely way to connect too. I so often read through and occasionally post things on there and it’s a complete gift to have access to this on-line forum! Thank you!!

Joanne Turner

The Yoga for All Training has deepened my understand of teaching a class for all abilities. I feel that I am a more advanced teacher for taking this training.

My teaching has become advanced and is all about the students I see in the classroom. I use the Bus Stop method to teach asana and I can see from week to week that students remember what suits their body at each stage of their yoga bus ride. My teaching is diverse and I prepare more, setting up the mat with the appropriate 'tools' before the students arrive; always having a back up plan and most of all, I don't make assumptions about students ability!

Language, language, language!! The language I use to greet students; the language during the asana practice and also my internal dialogue has changed, this has been a liberating experience!

Just do it! Yoga for All has changed my teaching 100% for the better. After the training you'll be able to teach rather than call out a series of asana which don't reflect the students & bodies you see in a regular yoga class. Become a Yoga for All Warrior - join us!

Connie Reichert

I just continue to be blown away by the depth of this content and how well it is done. I learn something new with every video I watch, even though I have been through the videos before. I am able to immediately take the information to the mat. I guess what I am trying to say is thank you Dianne and Amber, this program and content is so wonderful. I am thrilled to be a part of it.
Don’t freak out if you are running behind or things come up. This content is available for a year and relevant to you and your practice for a lifetime. Take your time, take notes, experience the suggestions and use the group format to ask questions. Take the classes to your students, don’t rush through, you don’t have to. When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

Gloria Schwabe

The Yoga for All training is a confidence booster! I live in an above average body and the thought of teaching people who are not...scared a lot. Upon completion of this training I feel ready and able to tailor my classes for EVERY BODY!

Just having the knowledge base, and the continued access to the material helps a great deal. The suggestions for language modifications, pose adaptability and on going support from a community of kick ass teachers means the world to me. I feel ready to dive into my teaching career!

My biggest take away from this training was self confidence. A "I belong here too" kind of feeling and attitude. I was nervous teaching people in smaller bodies because I'm in a larger one. But the students who you're right for will find you, and the ones you're not wont stay so there's really nothing to be scared of here.

I'm so very happy I decided to sign up! I would recommend it in a heart beat and look forward to reviewing the materials again and again!

Charlotte Easterling

Thank you both! I loved the training and I’m so excited to put it to use…Thank you so much for this training–it was excellent information. I’m looking forward to going back and rewatching the videos quite a few times.

Juanita Peck

YFA training is an excellent method of making yoga accessible to folks who need the gifts of yoga, but delivered in a package that is different than that offered up in most mainstream media and mainstream studios. This course teaches a practical method of thinking about yoga poses as combinations of foundational movements that can be adapted for bodies of all sizes and shapes. We also learn how to adapt our language to make adaptations accessible and welcome to all students. YFA has changed the way I teach all students and has made me a much better teacher.

I'm always looking at poses to make sure that they are anatomically safe, and that my cues help students get to the point in the pose that is right for that student on that day.

Props allow students entry points into yoga.

Just do it!

Rebecca Simms

Ohhhhh my gosh ! This first day has my heart you guys. I may or may not have cried! I read, listened and downloaded all the above! I also took 8 pages of notes! Wow!!

Michelle Lewis

This community is f@$*ing BEAUTIFUL. Every one of are an inspiration to me. You make my heart so FULL!
That is all, carry on! ❤️?

Dylan Galos

There are not enough words for how awesome this training has been. I plan to revisit the materials many times over the next year while I have access. I'm delighted that 2017 came with a chance to meet and practice with both of you in person, and that I was able to do this course. It's been a great to add to my teaching toolbox, and I enjoy being part of the YFA community.

Margeua Steinau

Thank you so much, Dianne–your belief in me is so meaningful! Your presence in my life has been life-changing in the most beautiful ways I also believe you probably have that effect on lots of people…you are a miraculous force of nature made almost entirely of Love!!!
Amazingly, after writing out my final on Friday–yesterday a new student walked into my Monday Ferguson class…a woman probably in her 60’s, about 300+ lbs, who told me she has had work done to almost all of her joints (especially, as she put it, 2 blown out knees)–and I KNEW it was going to be my ACTUAL final!

I (of course) began by giving her a seed of happiness, then 2 blocks, a strap, and helped her place a chair on her mat. And this woman did absolutely EVERYTHING everyone else was doing…it was MIRACULOUS!!! It was the final I had turned in–living and breathing right before my very eyes!!! The modifications and adjustments came so easily to both of us, and the other Students didn’t even seem to notice that another Student was using a chair!

I cannot thank you enough–she was absolutely glowing after class (exhausted, but HAPPY)–and she signed up to continue practicing with us! Without you and Amber, I might not have had any idea how to Teach this beautiful woman–and I am so grateful. So. GRATEFUL! ~

Be Luecke

This training will give you the tools to design a class that is inclusive, regardless of gender, size, level, physical limitations, etc.

The Yoga for All training has changed my teaching tremendously! Now I am able to craft my classes to include everyone, from beginners to advanced. I am not scared anymore about who shows up for class.

I'm so glad I Learned how easy it actually is to design classes that are, truly, for all.

If a friend asked me if she should take this training, I would say Definitely!

You will not regret this opportunity, do it!

Emily Walkup

I am feeling so motivated and connected to my heart today. I was able to use some things I learned from Module 1 in my class last night and look forward to using more in my class tonight! I was happy to realize that I am already using some of your suggestions in my classes. Example: acknowledging own genetic privilege. I am able to reach past my feet in paschimottanasana- but ONLY because my legs are very short and my torso/upper body is longer than my legs/lower body. When I tell my students that, I often see relief and acceptance. It is wonderful. Can’t wait to keep learning. THANK YOU Dianne & Amber!

Kanchi Wichmann

Thank you Amber and Dianne! Really enjoyed the course and got a lot out of it – thank you so much for making it happen!!!

Kim Murdoch-Makin

I love, love ,love the idea of Play Time during a yoga practice!! Why didn’t I think of that?? ?lol! What a great way to allow students to explore in there own time with a little extra instruction if they need it!! This is a great concept. Can’t wait to try it out in my class?? Dianne Bondy, is this some thing you do for every yoga class?