Jacquie Barbee Speaks

Meet Jacquie "Sunny B" Barbee, Accessible Yoga 2021 Ambassador of the Year.
Dianne and Jacquie discuss the Yoga for All Training and how it helped her become the teacher she is today.

In this conversation, you'll find out:
  • 0:43 - Who is Jacquie and what's she up to now?
  • 1:22 - How Jacquie found her voice as a teacher
  • 2:40 - What gave Jacquie her confidence
  • 4:50 - Amazing plus from the Training
  • 6:46 - How we change the narrative and culture of Yoga
  • 8:03 - Why body autonomy is important in your yoga practice
  • 9:13 - Why Jacquie is so excited to share
  • 10:36 - The difference between a 200 Hr YTT and the Yoga for All Training