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Your Chance to Make a Difference:

Imagine having the incredible opportunity to join our Yoga For All course this upcoming September 18th, where you’ll learn how to create a space where everyone feels welcomed and valued. Say goodbye to the traditional cookie-cutter approach because we’re here to teach you how to embrace diversity and cater to all the beautiful souls that show up to your class.

A Course Like No Other:

At Yoga For All, we believe in empowering teachers like you to make a real impact. Our online yoga certification course is designed to inspire and equip you with the knowledge and skills to adapt yoga poses for older, larger, and differently-abled students. Best of all, it’s self-paced, giving you the flexibility to learn and grow at your own rhythm, no matter how hectic life gets.

What Awaits You:

Prepare to be enlightened with self-paced online lecture videos, covering critical yoga topics. Through asana videos, we’ll show you how to modify yoga poses, making them accessible and enjoyable for every student. Plus, we’ll sprinkle in some reflection prompts, allowing you to take the wisdom you gain and turn it into real, heartfelt action. Our private Yoga For All Facebook group is like a warm, supportive family, where you can connect with other Yoga For All students and graduates. And guess what? Dianne herself will be there to lend her wisdom and answer your questions!

Empower Yourself:

Throughout the course, you’ll discover the magic of making your classes more inclusive for all bodies. Creating an environment of safety, agency, and consent will be second nature to you. Oh, and get ready for an abundance of modifications that’ll make yoga accessible for everyone, from the sun salutations to that blissful savasana. Not to forget, we’ll unveil the secrets of using yoga props to elevate the practice for larger-bodied and differently-abled students.

A Six-Week Online Yoga Teacher Training for All Shapes, Sizes and Abilities.

 Weaving Yoga Asana with Elements of Pilates and Strength Training for Endurance, Flexibility and Longevity.

Our Body Our Friend

How to love and appreciate our bodies. Let go of negative self-chatter and embrace a body-inclusive approach to fitness that encourages us to celebrate what our unique bodies are capable of.


How to foster inclusivity through the use of powerful and equitable language. This means being body inclusive and mindful of our word choice, creating an environment that is not only safe, but also joyful and empowering for students of all abilities.

Create a Welcoming and Equitable Class

How to Create an environment that is not only safe, but also joyful and empowering. Let’s work together this week to create spaces where everyone feels seen, heard and supported in their movement journeys.

Progressive Teaching Skills.

Movement is essential to our well-being and a joy that should be accessible to everyone. So creating a welcoming class that’s body-inclusive and mindful can make a world of difference in how we relate to our bodies and approach physical activity. It’s about creating a space where we feel at ease, where we can let go of perfectionism and instead focus on pleasure, presence, and the sensations in our bodies.

Making it flow

There’s something truly powerful about a yoga practice that’s well-sequenced and thoughtfully designed. This week, we’ll put together the ingredients for a truly joyful experience on the mat to help our students connect with their body in ways that feel both empowering and uplifting. From slow and gentle flows to more challenging sequences, we guide you through creating a flow with a sense of compassion and community

Dyanmics for Success

By embracing the joy and mindfulness of movement, we can create a space that celebrates the uniqueness of all of our students. Positive aging through movement is another opportunity for us all to come together to learn and grow. Let’s embrace this journey with passion and empowerment, knowing that we are creating a world where table of everyone belongs and feels valued

Early Bird Registration Is Now Open​

The course doesn’t officially start until September 25th, but when you sign up today you save $200  off the regular price of $697 and get immediate access to all of the bonuses:

Bonus One: The Creative and Dynamic Sequencing Course

The Dynamic and Creative Sequencing Course:

Learn how to create original and inspiring classes that will give you a professional edge and keep your students smiling and coming back for more. $197 Value

Gain Confidence in Your Teaching

Easily create unique sequences with less stress and feel more prepared for each class.

Make Your Sequences More Accessible

Learn how to customize your yoga flows on-the-fly to accommodate the students in your classes.

Learn How to Change Up Your Flows to Keep Your Classes Fresh and Fun

Engage your students week after week by adding new ways to move through and experience asana.

Think About Sequencing Differently, Making You a Better Teacher

Break out of the box and learn to create sequences and transitions that are uniquely your own.

Bonus Two: Make the Pose Fit Your Body

A 9 video workshop called “Make the Pose fit Your Body” where we go in depth on how to modify certain asana for your unique body and abilities.

We will go through, Standing Poses, Warrior Series, Forward Folds, Seated Poses, Twists, Down-Dog, Vinyasa, Arm Balances and Taking Rest. $147 Value

These extra lessons go into even more detail and reinforce the knowledge you’ll gain by looking at modifications and variations in a slightly different manner.

These nine bonus videos are each 7-12 minutes long. They will help you understand and incorporate your new skills quicker and more thoroughly.

Helping you incorporate yoga into your life is why I wake up each morning.

Bonus Three: All 60 Asana Videos from the Book Yoga for Everyone

Video instruction to all 50 poses and 10 flows from my Yoga for Everyone Book.

Happy baby, easy pose, plank, low lange, hand stand, half moon, triangle, and so much more. $197 Value

50 Individuals Pose Tutorial Videos

Anyone can do almost any pose. You will learn what props and techniques you need to discover your version of the pose.

10 "Back Pocket" Sequences

You'll learn 10 sequences to use whenever you get stuck for ideas. Use them as they are, or you can build upon them to create something of your own.

Improved Confidence

Nothing makes you feel more confident than success! When you start using the techniques and strategies from this course, you will feel like you can accomplish anything.

Early-Bird Registration now Open

Join the Full Yoga for Everyone Training for only $497, Get the Bonuses and Become a Yoga for Everyone Teacher

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