Affiliate Resources page

How to Sign Up for the Affiliate Program

To become an affiliate of the Yoga for All Training program, and earn up to $297.60 a sale you need to create an account with our affiliate program ThriveCart. Don’t worry, it’s fast and easy. Do this by clicking the button below.

When you create your account, it will ask you for an affiliate id. That’s just something you make up to help you keep track of your affiliate urls.

Note. If you were an affiliate in the past, you will need to re-apply because we have changed our processes.

Click here to become an affiliate”

Things to know to make the most of your affiliate experience.

We are launching this in two phases

  1. September 7-12th We are giving away a free mini-course. You can promote that by using the affiliate link marked “Lead Magnet Sign up.”
  2. September 14th-21st The full course is open for registration. You can promote this using the affiliate link marked “Your Affiliate Link”

To find your affiliate links within the platform navigate to products. From there click view on Yoga for All Training – New Student and View

This will bring you to the page with your links.

After you have your links, you can use our banners or text from the Promo Material tab to promote your affiliate links.

If you have any questions or difficulty, just send us a message to Dianne (at) Yogaforalltraining (dot) com