Go Beyond Yoga: Create, Nurture and Adapt Your Classes

for All Shapes, Sizes, and Abilities

If you’re unsure of how to teach students who are older, plus-sized, or have disabilities, you’re not alone

You love teaching yoga, but sometimes students come to class that you don’t know how to help. Students in larger bodies, older students, or those with physical limitations want to take your yoga classes, but you don’t know how to make the poses safe and accessible for them. Do you:

  • Worry that someone in a non-traditional yoga body will come to your class and feel nervous when they do?
  • Try to offer modifications for poses, but feel like you don’t have enough variations in your toolbox?
  • End up offering the modifications you do know in a way that leaves you and the student feeling awkward?
  • Feel bad when a new non-traditional student doesn’t come back to class?
  • Know you could attract more students, making you more marketable as a teacher, if you could confidently teach to whoever was in the room?

Yoga training programs often fail their students by not teaching them how to modify yoga for older students, those in larger bodies, and students with physical limitations.

By enhancing your skills, and seeing how blending strength training and pilates with your yoga practice can create a safe and accessible space for everyone. You’ll empower your students to embark on a journey towards a stronger, more fulfilling life.

What if you:

  • Could confidently adapt classical yoga poses on-the-fly for whoever shows up to your class?
  • Felt more skilled and confident as a yoga teacher?
  • Attracted more students to your classes by ensuring each feels that yoga is possible for them?
  • Were able to teach more classes to a wider variety of students, increasing your marketability to the studios in your area

Your yoga teacher training program taught you how to create yoga sequences for the slim, flexible and able-bodied.

But what about the students who don’t look like the pictures in your yoga anatomy textbook?

Yoga For Everyone is an online yoga certification that teaches you how to adapt yoga asana for plus-size yogis, seniors, and those with physical limitations so that you can reach more students and confidently teach more classes.

We give you the tools to adapt any pose for any body, making you more confident and marketable as a teacher. And we coach you on how to leverage those tools to build a thriving, body-accepting yoga business.

When you know how to adapt yoga poses on-the-fly for the unique bodies of your students, you can offer a personalized yoga experience created just for them. And that makes all the difference.

What our teacher trainees are saying…

Ally Miller Ally Miller

I would struggle with certain poses and avoid practicing them as I thought I couldn't do them. Doing the Yoga for Everyone course has changed my practice in so many ways. Dianne has offered different variations and options that I can now practice the poses I would avoid. It's been a game changer for me and my practice. I would definitely recommend this course to every body.

Hi, I'm Dianne Bondy

I’m a yoga instructor, mom, entrepreneur and a social warrior for change. I’m passionate about making yoga accessible for folx who have been underserved, underrepresented or underestimated by the yoga community.

After I had my second son, I wanted to go back to being active and decided to check out the oldest and most popular yoga studio in town for a lunchtime class. I remember looking forward to the class, and then walking into the studio where the person behind the counter looked me up and down before saying, “You know this is going to be hard right?”

It was this moment that I knew I had to make a change…

That’s why I’ve created this course, to give yoga teachers a new option: one with high-quality information about how to create an accessible, adaptive yoga class that serves all your students equally – regardless of body size, age, or abili

What our teacher trainees are saying…

Rachel Holdgrafer
Rachel Holdgrafer Rachel Holdgrafer

This Training bridges the gap between the bodies I saw in my yoga teacher training manuals and the actual people that show up to my classes. I learned to modify poses to make them accessible to plus-size and differently-abled bodies, but more importantly, how to cue and talk to students in an accepting and affirming way. I highly recommend the training to anyone who wants to teach authentic, individualized yoga. Worth every penny of my investment and I’m a better teacher for having completed.

40 Years of Yoga Experience

Dianne Bondy

Is the author of the bestseller Yoga for Everyone” and co-author of Yoga Where You Are. She is a motivator, educator, yoga teacher, and creator of Yogaforeveryone.tv, an online yoga site dedicated to celebrating students of all shapes, sizes and ethnicities. Dianne has had over 1,000 hours yoga training in different modalities such as yoga therapeutics, restorative, and Anusara Yoga. She is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at the 500 hour level and is the Director of Eastside Yoga School. You can take her classes at YogaInternatinal.com Omstars.comand many others.

About Yoga For Everyone

Yoga for Everyone Training is the natural Evolution of the Yoga for All that I ran for many years. Since we launched in 2015, over 1400 teachers have been through that material.

This new training covers all the information on variations and accessibility, that I am so passionate about. It also includes new sections on Intentional Well-being and blending pilates and strength training to aid in longevity, leading to a more active and fulfilled life

A self-paced online course with live Q and A calls is perfect for busy people. You can work on the material whenever and wherever is most convenient for you. All content is available online for self-study and you have a year to complete the course and receive your certification.

What we cover

Our Body, Our Friend

  • Learn why care and intention for the well-being of all is the key to health and longevity 
  • The steps to create inclusivity that changes how we relate to our bodies and fitness 
  • How practicing Yoga (or any movement) can support positive changes in Body Image and Disordered Eating 
  • Being creative to make warm-ups accessible, by using a chair, wall, mat, etc.  
  • Foster and keep interest by adding Pilates movements to your practice 
  • Movement Focus: Warm-ups, regressions/progressions and sun salutations 

Communication, Movement, Action

  • Create awareness around the power of Language and how to make it equitable 
  • Develop skills that focus on building strength for longevity and functional movements 
  • How to age gracefully and positively through movement 
  • Movement Focus: Standing and balance poses, core strength and spine articulations 

Creating a Welcoming and Equitable Class

  • Develop a welcoming class for students of all abilities and levels  
  • Identify the key features to being a successful teacher for your class  
  • Movement Focus: Seated, supine, prone and reclining poses, inversions and arm balances 

Progressive Teaching Skills

  • Build on your current skills and focus on progressive development of motion 
  • Yin Yoga as an accessible practice led by Gwen Jeun 

Making it Flow

  • Why class theme and design are important 
  • How to create engagement by sequencing your classes 
  • Examples of workflows used by Dianne Bondy 

Dynamics for Success

  • Identify and create class dynamics focused on embracing diversity, equity and belonging  
  • Welcome LGBTQIA2s+ students to your class led by Cara-Lea Suttie 
  • Community Leadership: how do we be great global citizens led by Dianne Bondy 

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that it can be hard to pay for a yoga training in one lump sum and so we offer payment plans to make Yoga For Everyone easier to work into your budget. Your payments can be split into three or six payments. Those options will be presented in the shopping cart.

Your first payment will be deducted immediately when you register. Subsequent payments will come out every 30 days, from the day you register. For example, if you register on May 3rd, your second payment will come out on June 3rd, and so on until all payments have been made.

No. The course is geared toward teachers (or teacher trainees), but you don’t have to be a teacher to take the course. You can also take it before you complete your 200-hour certification. If you are in training now, and complete our course and your 200-hour training within the same year, you can still get your 35 continuing education hours with Yoga Alliance.

All the course materials, including downloads, videos, and more are yours for one year. You’ll have access to the private Facebook group (and to questions about the course content with Dianne) as long as you would like. If you would like to be certified as a Yoga For Everyone Certified Teacher, you have one year from the beginning of class to complete the course. Extensions available on request

Most students spend between 1-4 hours per week for six weeks to watch and digest the content and complete the homework. But you don’t have to finish the course within six weeks! You have access to the course website for a full year so that you can complete it at your pace. You just need to complete the course within that year to get your certificate and for CEUs from Yoga Alliance, if desired.

Each week, you’ll receive self-paced online videos to watch, including lectures with slides and asana videos. Each week’s material also includes reflection prompts and a chance to ask your questions in our Facebook group, or through email. 

Yes! Upon the completion of the course, you’ll receive a certificate that you can submit to Yoga Alliance for 30 non-contact hours. Although we get many requests, we cannot offer contact hours for this course. Yoga Alliance stipulates that contact hours happen at an in-person training or workshop.

The cost of the course is in USD. With an online business, all of our expenses are in USD. Therefore we need to charge is USD.

What our teacher trainees are saying…

Juanita Peck
Juanita Peck Juanita Peck

Yoga For Everyone teaches a practical method of thinking about yoga poses as combinations of foundational movements that can be adapted for bodies of all sizes and shapes. It also teaches how to use language to make adaptations accessible and welcome to all students. Yoga For Everyone has changed the way I teach all students and has made me a much better teacher.

You’ll love Yoga For Everyone We Guarantee It.

You might be concerned that this training won’t work for you. We get that. We offer a no risk, 14-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like the training, if you feel like you already know the material, or if you just change your mind, we will refund 100% of your money if you cancel your training within 14 days. To secure your refund, simply complete an exit interview with us so we can learn how to make Yoga For Everyone better next time around. When you complete Yoga For Everyone, you’ll know how to adapt yoga poses for the individual in front of you. You’ll be able to offer those adaptations with grace and you’ll be able to teach mixed-ability classes with ease. Learn to create inclusive yoga experiences for every student you teach and do it on your own time.

Yes, I want to be a Yoga for Everyone Certified Teacher

Only $298

What our teacher trainees are saying…

Tiffany Landry
Tiffany Landry Tiffany Landry

This course has been a game changer for me. I was teaching a class and a student was having a really hard time getting into downward dog. I was able to give her all of these great variations to try. So instead of leaving class with a feeling of “I can’t,” she left with a sense of empowerment.

Dianne Bondy Yoga

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